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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: What type of artwork do I need to provide?
You can provide any type of artwork. Our art department can use simple concept drawings and complete the artwork- line drawings, films, and electronic artwork.
Question: How many colors can you print?
We can flexo print up to six colors with a seventh for varnish overlay. Our Dynamic Register may allow for a seventh or eighth color, depending on the graphic specifications.
Question: Are we a sheet plant or corrugator?
We are a narrow web corrugator that uses a patented manufacturing process.
Question: What is D.S.P.?
Dual side print technology. We now can print the inside of your carton (1 or 2 color) while printing the outside within our single step process.
Question: What line screen can you print?
We can print 70 to 200 line screens. That is 70 to 200 dots per inch when using process (photos/illustrations) graphics.
Question: What is preprint?
Preprinted corrugated is the outside liner being printed before combining with other liners. This provides a better print quality than direct print corrugated (printing on combined board).
Question: Can you give me a ballpark price for my carton?
Our patented web manufacturing provides unique nesting opportunities; therefore, we prefer to develop a cost estimate on each carton in order to identify maximum cost savings. We will provide that cost estimate in less than 24 hours if required.
Question: What is the minimum run quantity?
Our minimum run quantity is normally one roll. Depending on the size of the carton, that one roll quantity could range from 5,000 cartons to 40,000 cartons.
Question: What will the tooling cost for this carton?
Our narrow web affords relatively low tooling costs for both plates and cutting dies. In order to maximize those tooling savings, we prefer to review the proposed production layout with our structural and graphics departments and then quote the most cost-effective tooling costs. We will provide that cost estimate in less than 24 hours if required.

Help Desk

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